4th Annual Art For Horses Exhibit by Diana Woods

My painting "Pasture Friends" was recently juried into the 4th Annual Art For Horses Exhibit in Parker, Colorado.  The exhibit benefits the Drifter's Hearts for Hope and The Horse Protection League. The opening reception, silent auction and dinner are on September 15th, 2016. 

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Driftwood by Diana Woods

One of my favorite things to do is beach comb. Whether I'm on a lakeshore or a beach on the ocean or along the river, I am always looking for beautiful, sculptural elements to use in my sculptures.  It may be driftwood, rocks or possible an old rusted piece of metal with a gorgeous patina.  

New Piece by Diana Woods

This is a new piece, “THE DREAMS OF TREES”. I love to use recycled pieces of metal I find at the metal salvage yards.  The more interesting patinas and textures, the better.

Inspiration by Diana Woods

I'm working on new pieces to take to a show at Kiechel Fine Art in Lincoln, Nebraska opening March 23rd, 2012.

Much of my work is inspired by the passage of time, cycles of nature and of course, trees.  I'm still interested in exploring the tree series and have been taking them in some interesting directions.  One of the pieces for the show features a large, winding, twisted tree climbing to the sky. Instead of my usual gold leaf or metal, I've painted the inside of the tree in a symbolic story of memories.  A woman stands underneath the tree, reaching up toward a leaf.  The sky is full of stars.

Stay tuned for some photos of this and other pieces I'm working on!

Experiment by Diana Woods

I'm really enjoying experimenting with materials lately.  I've never been a big fan of acrylic paints, but I'm finding you can do so much with them!!  I love laying in a wash and then wiping it out, leaving a beautiful residue stain.  Also, while the piece is laying flat, try painting an opaque layer, then while it's wet, dripping and spattering water on it.  After a few minutes, use a flat brush to lightly pick up the areas where the water settled. It produces an amazing effect.  Refer to the bottom of my piece, "The Lake".

Please check out "The Lake" and my other abstract pieces in my portfolio.